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Demystifying Company Valuations

The demystifying company valuations one day course aims to make understandable the key principles behind equity analysis and the use and interpretation of financial information in valuing companies.

Who should attend?

Demystifying company valuations is designed for people working in investor relations, corporate communications and financial PR who are not finance professionals. It is not necessary to have a financial background to benefit from the course, however, participants should have a basic knowledge of company accounts. This can be combined with a one day course on the principles of company accounts.

Course Information

Introduction and the Fundemental Concept of DCF

  • Introduction to investment concepts
  • Concept of discounted cash flow
  • Use of discount factors
  • Weighted average cost of capital

Current Financial Performance – Using the Accounts

  • Profit measurement
  • Effect of accounting policies
  • Creative accounting
  • Funding and gearing
  • Valuation of assets

Risk V Return

  • Investors risk appetite
  • Portfolio diversification

Introduction to Valuation Methods

  • Comparison between most common methods
  • Discussion of the advantages and limitations

Summary and Conclusion